Complete Management
for Supervisors

Invest in your Contact Center Management by giving them the ultimate tool to achieve success. Automate performance analysis & enable supervisors to be full-time coaches.

Give management the right tools to help coach agents, optimize performance, and take your business to the next level.

NGNInsights empowers management to have all performance KPIs at their fingertips from all data sources, with any amount of agents, in real-time.

Supervisors can now have a personal assistant to enable them to pinpoint where they need to focus their efforts.


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Instant Insight
Revolutionize how performance is managed. Pinpoint where to focus time by seeing agent performance and understanding it at-a-glance.
Automated Analysis
Liberate management from tasks that can more effectively be automated. Performance data is benchmarked to show where expectations are not being met.
Real-time Data + Real-time Action
Real-time data is not as valuable if it does not empower real-time action. NGNInsights transforms data to become instantly actionable for instant improvement.
Zero-in on what key performance indicators lead to the achievement of business goals. Prioritize time, resources, and effort to the things that produce the biggest ROI.

Real Time Data

With the Mosaic view, you can see all agents displayed side by side in one simplified view. Organize your data and chose how you want it organized. Understand instantly which employees are outliers and which are reaching goals. Know who needs the attention of your team at the glance of an eye.

The supervisor sees the exact same data and benchmarking that the agent sees so both are on the same page. The supervisor can sort, filter, and group any amount of agents together. They also can instantly see how each member of their team is performing and what specific KPIs the agent is doing well on and where they are struggling.

How long does it take your supervisors to come to the conclusions about this agent's past month's performance that we are able to draw in milliseconds?

Slice & dice data anyway to understand, at a granular & macro level, what is going on with each agent enabling a more personalized way to help agents.

A simple slider enables Contact Centers to adjust the benchmarks for each KPI.

Using any data point (ACW, AHT, etc.) or gamification feature (points, awards, etc) create a leaderboard tied to performance that will give transparency to the highest performing agents.

See through
all Performance Layers

Supervisors spend much less time looking at reports and far more time coaching those who need help. Since the agent sees the exact same metrics, any coaching about specific performance is constantly reinforced as the agents look at the NGNInsights app.

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