Consistently High-performing Engaged Agents

NGNInsights allows the agent to view their real-time performance in accordance with what is expected of them and illustrating at the same time areas of needed improvement.

Agents learn what is expected of them, how they are performing according to those expectations, and they are rewarded for their performance. This process promotes Self-Governing agents who take responsibility for their own performance.

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Instant Insight
Revolutionize how performance is managed. Pinpoint where to focus time by seeing agent performance and understanding it at-a-glance.
Automated Analysis
Liberate management from tasks that can more effectively be automated. Performance data is benchmarked to show where expectations are not being met.
Real-time Data + Real-time Action
Real-time data is not as valuable if it does not empower real-time action. NGNInsights transforms data to become instantly actionable for instant improvement.
Zero-in on what key performance indicators lead to the achievement of business goals. Prioritize time, resources, and effort to the things that produce the biggest ROI.
Built For the Agent

NGNInsights for the agent is designed to boost agent workflow, productivity, performance, and engagement. Desktop real-estate is scarce, and for agents to be the most effective, agents need to keep things simple. By having agents switch to other screens to view their performance or gamification features, it hinders workflow and productivity. NGNInsights helps agents to reach their maximum potential and naturally produce more results.  The optional agent desktop toolbar can be deployed as permanent dashboard for the agents to quickly see their performance in real time.

In the app, the supervisor sees the exact same data and benchmarking that the agent sees so both are on the same page. With such transparency, management is able to individually reward agents, showing them that their hard work does not go unnoticed.

NGNInsights teams up with agents to point them in the right direction & encourage them to keep going. Agents feel a new source of accomplishment when shown their success.

Agent Motivation 

on an Entirely

New Level

NGNInsights is creating a world where agents love their job. By encouraging the agent along with all the things they are doing great, NGNInsights cultivates an entirely new sense of agent motivation.

With NGNInsights’s advanced gamification features, agents are shown how great of a job they are doing in real-time! Think of what impact this will have on your agents!