The Ultimate Performance & Engagement Solution

Instant Gauge of Team Performance
Enables Fulltime Coaching
Clearly Identifies Top and Low Performers
Reduces Customer Wait Time
Lowers Abandon Rates
Happier, More Effective Supervisors

Increases Utilization and Productivity
Creates Employee Accountability
Drives Customer Satisfaction
Improves Schedule Adherence
Reduces Employee Idle Time
Reduces Employee Turnover

Instant Insight
Revolutionize how performance is managed. Pinpoint where to focus time by seeing agent performance and understanding it at-a-glance.
Automated Analysis
Liberate management from tasks that can more effectively be automated. Performance data is benchmarked to show where expectations are not being met.
Real-time Data + Real-time Action
Real-time data is not as valuable if it does not empower real-time action. NGNInsights transforms data to become instantly actionable for instant improvement.
Zero-in on what key performance indicators lead to the achievement of business goals. Prioritize time, resources, and effort to the things that produce the biggest ROI.

Benefits For Agents

Assisting agents to see what they are doing great, pinpointing where to improve, and reinforcing good performance with gamification & rewards.

Self-motivated Agents

NGNInsights gives agents the ability to take control of their own performance, allowing them to be motivated to achieve business outcomes & objectives.

Reduce Agent Turn Over

Invest in your agents – NGNInsights provides agents with greater job satisfaction by cultivating an environment where agents love their job.

Benefits For Supervisors

NGNInsights enables smart decision making by simplifying traditional operational processes contact centers have been using to manage performance & data. Management is empowered with actionable insights in order to make the best decisions.

Agent Performance at Your Fingertips

Having real-time actionable insights about agent performance at your fingertips creates a new, more efficient way to manage the Contact Center. With NGNInsights, Supervisors can see all agents displayed side by side in one simplified view.

Understand Agent Performance At-A-Glance

Organize your data and chose how you want it organized. Understand instantly which employees are outliers and which are reaching goals. Know who needs the attention of your team at the glance of an eye.

Annual Operational Costs

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Improved Number of supervisors:

Current number of agents:

After NGNInsights


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