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Agent Gamification

The NGNInsights Performance Scorecard is the innovation of agent performance and agent management.

Ultimate Performance Tools + Gamification

Engage, Retain, and Empower Your Employees!

NGNInsights enables managers to create continuous and uninterrupted feedback with their call center agents, ensuring that each contact center team member improves their performance while also developing new skills. A performance management system to direct supervisors!

Agents view their performance in real-time and make immediate adjustments accordingly. Not surprisingly, this immediate feedback is one of the top drivers of employee satisfaction and retention. Our advanced gamification engages agents and positively reinforces agent performance making it habitual.

Managers have never experienced technology like this before! With the help of NGNInsights, managers can train agents to take pride and ownership of their performance and ongoing improvement.

Agent Performance & Performance Management

How do we do it?

Download our complete guide that explains how NGNInsights innovates agent management and improves agent performance. As a result, Contact Centers become consistently high performing and successful!

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Want to improve employee engagement?

NGNInsights is the agent’s personal assistant, built to enhance performance, engagement, productivity, and business outcomes. NGNInsights allows the agent to view their real-time performance in accordance with what is expected of them, illustrating at the same time areas of needed improvement.

NGNInsights for Supervisors
Effective Management

NGNInsights provides management with a Personal Assistant allowing them to focus their time on the true priorities that lead to business outcomes.

By simplifying contact centers’ traditional operational processes to manage performance and data, NGNInsights enables smart decision making. Management is empowered with actionable insights resulting in the best practices and decisions.

Recent Awards

PACE Award 2020
PACE Award 2019

A significant benefit of NGNCloudComm is the ability to make it work the way I want it to…without the expense of Professional Services.  Other providers make you fit into their product requirements, that is not the case with NGNCloudComm”

Brian Theusch

Vice President of Information Technology, TLC

The Grupo NGN team defines integrity.  It is so refreshing to work with such an innovative, ethical and genuinely caring company.  Their pioneering products and solutions allow eTech to provide the best services and outcomes to our customers.

The flexibility of Grupo NGN’s solutions and team of experts as well as their accessibility goes above and beyond what one typically expects from a cloud-based solutions company. Grupo NGN has truly mastered the customer experience.

Jim Iyoob

Chief Customer Officer, eTech Global Services

… it's incredible the power of the Grupo NGN team and the agility to adjust the programming, thinking of the need for the end-user, congratulations to all!!

Mauricio Martinez

Commercial Management, INNCET

The Science Behind NGNInsights

feedback loop

The Feedback Loop

Utilizing feedback loops to enable agents to develop successful habits of high performance.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

NGNInsights patented technology turns performance data into a real-time visual language, making data actionable in real-time.

Habit Reinforcement

Habit Reinforcement

Consistency is a key component of a successful Contact Center. By rewarding and incentivizing agents for performance, agents develop long term successful habits.



Agents and management feel empowered & motivated to achieve company goals. 

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